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Experienced, Professional, & Family Focused.


Holistic Service Designed 
For Children & Their Families.

Peter Habit Therapy Co. is a holistic service designed for the needs of the whole child/young person and their family. We are experienced clinicians in our field with over 10 years experience in community healthcare, hospital, childcare and school-based services. We have experience in the education system, with our director Cassie coming from a teaching background and years spent in schools.


Peter Habit Therapy Co. also prides ourselves on having specialist skills and experience as a mental health speech pathologist, having worked in tertiary, specialist mental health services with children and adolescents with complex mental health and neurodevelopmental needs. 

Peter Habit Therapy Co. work closely with other healthcare providers and schools and we pride ourselves on having a network of quality professionals who we work alongside to cater for the needs of the whole child/young person.

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We work with children and young people who have a range of diagnosis and presentations and have a passion for working with children who are neurodiverse and working with adolescents and young adults, which are often an under-serviced population.


Our services are dynamic and engaging and we are continually striving for alternative, fun ways of learning and engaging children and young people. We have had experience with animal assisted therapy, equine therapy and functional community based therapy.   


We are a neurodiversity affirming, gender inclusive and trauma-informed service. Peter Habit is a place where our children and young people are listened to and understood and we celebrate the unique and brilliant qualities that each individual brings to our world.

Peter Habit Therapy Co Speech Therapy QLD Mudgeeraba

We Specialise In:

  • Speech delays/disorders 

  • School-aged language 

  • Literacy difficulties 

  • Social skills

  • Adolescent language 

  • Functional communication skills (workplace communication, daily communication skills).

  • Mental health

  • Emotional literacy

  • Neurodivergent communication (ASD, ADHD)


At Peter Habit we have a strong commitment to your child/young person and your family. We work in collaboration
with you to provide you and your child with the best possible supports to promote and enhance your child’s development
and overall happiness. We are:

Family Centred

At Peter Habit Therapy Co. we understand that to achieve the best outcomes means working with your family as a whole and prioritising what is most important for your family.

Peter Habit Therapy Co

Strength Based & Child First

We will utilise your child’s strengths and interests to enhance their learning and increase their participation in therapy sessions. We provide individualised targeted therapy that works towards your child’s goals. We will strongly advocate for your child and your child’s needs to ensure your child has the best  possible outcomes.

Peter Habit Therapy Co

Evidence Based

We believe in providing your child with
assessment and therapy that is in line with what is considered to be best practice.

We have an ongoing commitment to the
Speech Pathology profession as Speech Pathology Australia members. We attend regular professional development training to ensure we remain up to date on what is the most recent evidence to promote your child’s development. 

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Peter Habit Therapy co


We will work in a collaborative way as agreed
with you. We will provide home visits, school, kindy visits, attend joint visits, transition meetings, other health professional sessions and liaise with your child’s extended team as needed, to ensure a collaborative working environment is achieved for your child.


We are a neurodiversity affirming, gender inclusive and trauma informed service.

We will take time to listen to you and your child/young person, their preferred goals, preferred name and preferred pronouns.

It is important to us that children and young people feel heard and understood. 

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