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  • Where are you located?
    We have two locations! 1) Mobile service on the Gold Coast based in Mudgeeraba- we come to you! 2) We also have a newly opened mobile service in Adelaide.
  • Do you offer home visits?
    Absolutely! We just ask that you please ensure there is adequate space to conduct the appointment and as distraction free as possible.
  • Do you offer telehealth appointments if I’m located too far away?
    Yes we do. Telehealth appointments are great if you live rural and/or remote or if you have a busy schedule and find online appointments easier and more convenient.
  • What is a telehealth appointment?
    A telehealth appointment is a fancy way of describing an appointment online via a video call. Interesting to note that almost all of what we do during an in-person appointment can also be conducted online (and for a variety of ages!). This also includes assessments and parent sessions and there is increasing evidence that online therapy has the same level of benefits as in-person therapy. All that is required on your end is internet connection and a device (preferably laptop or desktop).
  • What happens during my first appointment?
    During your first appointment we will typically chat about what you want from speech therapy, your child’s difficulties, their strengths, interests and go through the case history form. We will then complete an assessment with your child to get a gauge of their abilities and to build rapport. We will then chat about goals and make a plan moving forward about how to best support your child.
  • How do I make an appointment?
    If you have any questions or want to speak to someone, please leave your name and number and we will give you a call to discuss further.
  • What are the fees for appointments?
    Therapy & assessment services NDIS Therapy sessions are priced at $199 per 60 minutes and applies to both assessment and therapy sessions, including telehealth. Non-NDIS Therapy sessions are priced at $193. Fees differ from NDIS clients to help support much-needed access for our families not eligible for government funding. As we are a mobile service, there is a flat rate travel fee per session. Travel fees will be discussed prior to the first appointment.
  • Rebates
    We are registered Medicare Providers! Medicare- Some children are eligible for a Medicare rebate through the Chronic Disease Management Program. Access to these programs is through your child’s General Practitioner (GP) or Paediatrician. Rebates are usually around $40. You can claim this rebate with your receipt in your Medicare portal following full payment for the session. NDIS- If you are self-managed or plan managed you will be able to access the NDIS rebate provided you have adequate funds, and the plan dates are current. Private Health- Depending on your private health fund, you can claim rebates through your private health insurance under ‘extras’. You will typically need to provide a receipt of payment to your insurance fund to receive the rebate (rebates are typically part of the therapy fee and you will have an out-of-pocket expense).
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